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Plant your bulbs at home or at your community garden! Watch our videos for when and how to plant your garlic and read our blog posts!

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Please note that Orders are Pickup Only in Burlington, Oakville and Milton.


Hardneck garlic

$2.50 ea


Hardneck garlic

$2.50 EA

German Red

Hardneck garlic

$2.50 EA

A robust and easy to grow garlic with true garlic flavour! Great for the person who likes garlic but doesn’t enjoy ‘spicy’ or ‘hot’ foods.

Bogatyr is an easy to grow garlic. The plant leaves are vigorous and upright and it can handle some neglect. The plant is shorter than the Porcelain garlics and looks like Siberian. Under good growing conditions, this garlic is a top producer. It has nice sized bulbs which are a little more asymmetrical than the bulbs of Siberian.

Cloves: Approximately 6-8 cloves per bulb. 

Marble Purple Stripe Family.

If you like your garlic impressively big, strong and boldly coloured, Duganski is for you. 
Four or five huge cloves of rich, deeply flavoured and pungent garlic that will typically store around nine months from the date of harvest at room temperature.

There are only a few cloves per bulb but they are very deep flavoured with that earthy, and almost musky, flavour that many garlic lovers prize; all that and it’s pungent, too. 

Cloves: Averages 1-5 cloves per bulb.

Purple Stripe Family.

An old world variety with full flavoured velvety taste. German Red has a complex and unique flavour that stands out in a dish without overwhelming other flavours. Try roasting this garlic and you will not be disappointed.

German Red garlic is an easy to grow garlic that is well suited for cold winters. This garlic variety offers a strong, spicy and robust flavour with large, easy to peel cloves. 

Cloves: Averages 10-14 cloves per bulb. 

Rocambole Family.

Russian Red

Hardneck Garlic

$2.50 EA


Hardneck Garlic

$2.50 EA

Russian Red garlic has large bulbs that have a slightly purple skin that wrap the bulbs and cloves. This variety is a great garlic to grow for soil conditions that are slightly damp. Russian Red is one of the most flavourful heirloom garlics you can find. 

Cloves: Approximately 1-4 cloves per bulb. 

Marble Purple Stripe Family. 

Siberian is a mid-season garlic and a great producer in cold climates. This variety does great for all Ontario gardeners. The cloves of this garlic are protected by an attractive light red skin. This clean, medium-to-strong flavoured garlic will warm your soul on the coldest winter evening. Siberian has a very high allicin content, possibly the highest of any garlic. 

Cloves: Approximately 4-5 cloves per bulb.

Marble Purple Stripe Family.

Burlington Pickup Points and Times

Good Food Garden [Halton Food / Open Doors at St Christopher’s]
662 Guelph Line, Burlington 
Wednesday October 21st and 28th
9am to 11am

Oakville Pickup Points and Times

Kerr Street Mission
485 Kerr St, Oakville
Thursday October 22nd and 29th
9am to 11am

Milton Pickup Points and Times

TBA – October 30th

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