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From seed to seed … From production through to waste, food has an impact on our health, our social fabric, the environment, our climate, and the economy. Learn about the food system, its challenges, and opportunities to make it more resilient and sustainable for people and our planet.

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Join the conversation … Food is so much more than fuel for our busy lives. Take a moment to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter. Add your voice to a growing movement of food citizens, volunteer in one of our community gardens, learn about sustainable food systems through our educational garden programs.

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Take action … You can help to transform the world one bite at a time. Support your local producers, shop at a farmers' market, join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or community garden, or grow your own urban food oasis. Consider growing and donating extra produce from your garden through our Grow-and-Donate program.

Halton Garden Week 2023!

A Three-day summit of virtual talks, activities, and workshops!

Please RSVP via Eventbrite so we know you are joining us!

Day 1

8:15am Garden Grooves Yoga

10:00am Terrylynn Brant

12:00pm Sustainable Rose Gardens

2:00pm El Jardin

4:00pm Regenerative Agriculture

7:00pm The Incredible Edible Pollinator Garden

Day 2

8:15am Garden Grooves Yoga

10:00am How to Create a Pollinator Garden from Start to Finish

12:00pm Winter Seed Sowing & Making Seed Balls

1:00pm Ready for Rain

2:30pm Re-imagining Community

Day 3

9:00am Garden Grooves Yoga

10:00am Native Plants for Tough Sites

12:00pm Pollinators

1:00pm Gail Whitlow


*Schedule subject to change

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A proud program of

Halton Food is a group of amazing people striving to educate residents about sustainable food systems and Growing for Climate Change.

Halton Food educates residents in Halton about sustainable food production and promotes access to local, healthy, culturally-relevant food through sustainable community gardening, urban farming and school gardens.

Our Vision

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Affordable Access To Food

We envision a Halton where all residents have access to safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable food that they can afford without compromise.

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Sustainable Food System

We are committed to a fair and sustainable food system where local foods are available and promoted, local agricultural lands and farmers are protected and supported, urban agriculture is encouraged, and food has been produced and distributed in an environmentally acceptable way.

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Food Sovereignty

We support a food system that upholds people's right to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through sustainable methods. To us, that means that people have the right to define and control their own food and agriculture systems.

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Community Gardening

We see residents engaged in their community garden. We believe that community gardens play a vital role in building a sustainable food system that promotes food security, food sovereignty and food literacy.

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Nutrition and Food Education

We envision a Halton where all people have the knowledge and skills to cultivate and cook their own safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable food.

Thanks to These Amazing Community Groups We Are #GrowingTogetherHalton​