Five Rainy Day Gardening Ideas

As gardeners we can often find ourselves stuck inside during a rainy day in the summer. But what gardening tasks can we still do on those rainy days? The following are five indoor rainy day gardening ideas. 

No 1. Reading Gardening Books and Blogs – Rainy days are a perfect time to read a new gardening book or catch up on your favourite gardening blog. Reading gardening books and blogs will keep you up to date on gardening practices. You can learn more about a pest or disease, new techniques and ideas, and stay inspired. Our top gardening books are: 

  • Native Plants of the Northeast: A Guide for Gardening and Conservation by Donald J. Leopold 
  • The Pollinator Victory Garden by Kim Eierman 
  • Carrot City: Creating Places for Urban Agriculture by Mark Gorgolewski, June Komisar, Joe Nasr 
  • Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew  
  • Square Foot Gardening with Kids by Mel Bartholomew (Great for gardening with kids!) 
  • Crop Planting for Vegetable Growers by Frédéric Thériault and Daniel Brisebois 
  • The Market Gardener by Jean-Martin Fortier 
  • Carrots Love Tomatoes & Roses Love Garlic: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotte 
  • Protecting Organic Seed Integrity by Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association 
  • The Organic Backyard by Sarah Chisholm Ryder  
  • Plant Pathology by George N. Agrios 
  • Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops – An Overview from Farm to Fork by Adel A. Kader 
  • 100 Easy to Grow Native Plants by Lorraine Johnson 

The Canadian Organic Growers Magazine and Mother Earth Gardener Magazine (previously Heirloom Gardener Magazine) are two magazines worth checking out for more information about gardening. If you prefer blogs over books and magazines, be sure to check out our Halton Food blog. We share current, local, and informative gardening content, perfect for some light, rainy day reading.  

Did you know that Halton Food also releases a newsletter every month? In our monthly newsletters, we include updates on local gardening, helpful gardening tips, and links to our recent content. Sign up for our monthly newsletter on the Halton Food website

No 2. Make Garden Markers – Crafts are always a great idea on a rainy day. An easy and practical craft are garden markers. Feel free to check out the IGTV Halton Food created on DIY garden markers. Other rainy-day craft ideas include pressing flowers, decorating pots or containers, painting decorative rocks, and creating or decorating birdhouses.  

No 3. Clean and Organize Gardening Supplies – Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to clean out and organize your gardening supplies. Organize and sanitize your gardening tools and containers. Ensure that all your gardening tools are in working order, and if not, take the time to repair or replace them. Dispose of empty seed packets, and label and organize your remaining seeds. Lastly, make a list of any supplies or tools that need repurchasing or repair. 

No 4. Plan Your Garden – What could be better than planning next year’s garden on a rainy day? Rainy days are an excellent opportunity to assess your current garden and consider next year’s layout, crops, purchases (i.e. seeds, soil, mulch, etc.), and any changes you may want to make.  

Take this time to ask yourself some questions:  

  • What do you enjoy about your current garden space? 
  • What would you like to improve or expand upon in the upcoming season? 
  • What goals do you have for your garden for the remainder of the year?  

This is also the perfect opportunity to update or begin a garden journal. A Gardener’s Journal: A Ten Year Chronicle of Your Garden by Lee Valley is an excellent hardcover garden journal.  

No 5. Cook and Preserve – Have you been wanting to try a new recipe with your freshly picked harvest? Do you have extra produce that could be canned or preserved? Possibly seeds to save? A rainy day is an excellent time to try that new recipe, preserve that produce and save those seeds. We recently posted videos on how to save chive seeds and tomato seeds

Walkers Landing Community Garden in Burlington on a rainy, summer day 

What gardening activities do you love to do on rainy days? Share in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.  

Questions? Please email us at   

Contributed by Alicja JazwiecCommunity Garden Education Assistant 


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